Lusaka Ministerial College (LMC) aims to be Lusaka’s college of choice for the training of pastors in biblical convictions in order to ensure healthy churches in its compounds and elsewhere.

LMC exists to train men who aspire to the pastorate, as well as to provide further training for men who are already engaged in pastoral ministry. We believe that pastoral ministry is only for males. Secondarily, as an extension of the local church’s teaching ministry, the college also provides further instruction for laypeople who desire to enhance their understanding of Scripture. These secondary programmes are open to both men and women, depending on the subjects that are being taught.

As a “church-based” institution, LMC operates under the oversight of the local church and the counsel of an advisory board, and other likeminded churches. The college’s faculty primarily consists of instructors who not only have biblical knowledge and teaching ability, but also are qualified pastors engaged in pastoral ministry.

This website will give more information on LMC  and how you can get involved. If you still require more information, please get in touch with us on the details provided on our “Contact Us” page.